How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Wedding.

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Need help choosing the perfect wedding earrings? Bridal earrings are a wonderful way to add a little glamour and sparkle to your wedding day look! Here are some of our top tips for helping you choose the perfect pair.

When a bride comes in, I start with the following questions;

How much do you want the earring to show up in your wedding photos? Do you want it to be a statement piece or more understated?

How will you be wearing your hair? This will affect how visible your earrings are.

What does your dress look like, and what other accessories were you thinking of wearing?

Pearl and Gold wedding earrings

Once we have an understanding of how your earrings will tie into your overall look, the next thing we think about is your face shape. Different lengths and styles can dramatically change the way your face looks – so get your earrings to work to your advantage! While there are a whole range of face shapes, I generally find ladies fall into one of two categories; they have a wide face shape and want to lengthen it, or they have a longer face and want to widen it. So, how is this done?

For a wide face, opt for long drops that will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Avoid anything too circular like hoops which may emphasize roundness.

gold pearl earring jeanette maree melbourne

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For a long face, choose earrings that emphasise the width of your face. Round earrings such as hoops, or shorter earrings will help!

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • JoyceJoyce
  • HudsonHudson
  • TrudyTrudy
  • DanaDana
    • DanaDana
    • Dana

    • $142.00 inc. GST

For a long face, choose earrings that emphasise the width of your face. Round earrings such as hoops, or shorter earrings will help!

jeanette maree pearl bridal earring Shop earring

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • BrandyBrandy
  • LyndseyLyndsey
  • CruellaCruella
  • RaeRae
    • RaeRae
    • Rae

    • $62.00 inc. GST

Then finally, pick the pair that best suits your style. If you’re going for a vintage dress with beautiful lace details, you can’t go wrong with pearls, or classic teardrop crystal earrings. If your dress is modern, well the world is your oyster!

jeanettemaree bridal earring

Whether you’re a modern, boho or classic bride – we have a huge range of bridal earrings that will suit the style of your wedding. Shop our full range of bridal earrings here.

jeanette maree real bride gold and pearl earring

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