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There is a great joy found when people connect on a creative level.

We love meeting and working with fellow creatives, in many fields and offer various options and services to collaborate with…

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Bridal Designers/ Labels
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Model/ Influencer agencies
And many others… 

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Sunset Kisses

Tarrah wears a stunning Karen Willis Holmes gown. It’s a modern wedding gown fusing clean lines and quality fabrics which adds a modern edge while still toying with classic bridal designs. The bridal accessories from Jeanette Maree were used to add a playful and modern element, adding a fresh look to a bridal gown.

BTS: Bridal Runway, ABS Melbourne.

The models wore skillfully hand-sculptured metal headpieces with an enamel finish. This collection is perfect for bride's who want to look chic and stylish with a touch of regal elegance. The rich colors in the headpieces give a feel of worldly glamour that would make any bride feel simply gorgeous.