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Jeanette Maree

“I’m grateful for the journey, and all the way it has shaped me.”

Through years of working in couture, fashion and directly with clients, Jeanette Maree possess the sort of knowledge that cannot be taught. Her love of creating jewellery began when she stepped into an accessory designer role for a global couture fashion house. This ignited her passion and was a perfect first job after obtaining  her Degree and Diploma in gold and silversmithing. The Jeanette Maree boutique was born over 17 years ago and represents brides who are unafraid to express their individuality and who welcome honest, knowledgeable advice.  A Jeanette Maree Boutique bride appreciates the need to tie together seemingly small details, allowing her to shine brighter than she ever imagined. 

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Letting her gaze linger longer she delighted in the vision before her. 

Jeanette Maree is Australia’s most awarded and leading destination for luxury bridal and evening accessories. Beyond the dress we are the next stop on your wedding planning journey. Our collections resonate with the visionary bride, those with a unique style, who know quality and shop ethically. Brides who see beyond conventional trends and seek inspiration from a contemporary global fashion landscape.

Jeanette Maree’s unique label seeks to provide today’s brides with choice backed by informed styling service in an inclusive, welcoming environment. Based in the heart of High Street Armadale, Melbourne’s mecca of bridal and fashion, Jeanette Maree is proudly worn by brides around the world.

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Nothing stops her being the best version of herself. 

“The greatest part of my job is meeting real brides like you and chatting all things bridal. I love lending my hand and using accessories to create a individual style around your wedding, dress or vision for your special day. I know you’re unique and deserve my time, knowledge and care to create the perfect bridal accessories.” Jeanette Maree, Owner and Designer. 

This is where the journey begins for many brides. Get started by booking an appointment and see your wedding vision begin to come to life.