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Jeanette Maree offers two great options for choosing the perfect bridal shoes. 

Ready to Wear

Choose from our thoughtfully curated range to suit today’s bride. Over 30 styles to choose from with sizes from 34 – 42.

Custom Design

Follow the four step process to have a shoe specially hand made for you. 


Mandy came into the store with a strong idea of what she wanted to complete her stunning @ziancouture ⁠gown, and as fate would have it I just finished working on this crown moments before! 👑⁠

It was truely meant to be and this look is a match made in heaven... ⁠

Photo @hazalmemories⁠
Dress @ziancouture ⁠
Bride @a.mandy__⁠

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We have a whole store worth of sparkling new arrivals that we can't wait to share with you soon 😍✨ ...

Our glamorous real bride @shoegirl_77 on the morning of her big day 💕⁠

She wore our head piece, earrings, bracelet and shoes with her gorgeous @Berta dress ✨⁠

We can't wait to share more of her wedding photos so you can see how stunning her final look was all pulled together!⁠

#jeanettemaree #jmrealbride #melbournebridal #melbournewedding #melbournedesigner

Unexpected shapes and a depth of colour makes this new piece one of our favourites✨⁠

Of course it's perfect for fashionistas to style this into their look for their next event, but are there any brides out there who would wear this piece on their big day?!

Spending the morning getting energised and inspired for some unbelievable bespoke looks coming soon!⁠

If you want a piece that's as unique as you are, get in touch to find out more about our custom service ✨

Our stunning real bride Mary 💍 @maryyosifff⁠

Mary gave off serious princess vibes on her big day, pairing the Daria oversized sparkling crown with her clean-cut modern ballgown by @ziancouture⁠ ✨⁠

MUA @rana.s.mua⁠

#jeanettemaree #jmrealbride #melbourneaccessories #melbournedesigner

It was a BIG week last week with our fashion sale, and we've got all hands on deck today packing up your orders! 🎁⁠

We've got so many more exciting things on the horizon, we can't wait to share more with you soon...⁠

Backdrop of our dreams 🌹⁠
Captured by @nectarine