Application to Hire

Please fill out the below form should you wish to apply to hire any of Jeanette Maree’s jewellery and accessories. Alternatively you can download a copy of this form here and email to

Terms and Conditions

If hiring: I agree to pay 10% of the retail value for the agreed time. 

If borrowing: It is a condition of this contract that, where the jewellery/ accessories are being displayed via printed and electronic media that Jeanette Maree MUST BE sourced (tagged) in comments and image as a supplier by all who post/ display the image. 

For items being borrowed for media appearnaces including television, film, campaign shoots or for social media talent, it is a condition that Jeanette Maree be sourced (tagged) by the talent, on their social media platforms, in recognition of the supply of the accesories, fee free. 

In the case of social media following sourcing (tagging) must be used. 
Instagram: @jeanettemaree
Facebook: Jeanette Maree Jewellery

Final images are to be sent to Jeanette Maree at 

If borrowing is for hair shoots, stylists, suppliers or talents content, Jeanette Maree may ask for up to 5 images of a product as head shot for supplying goods fee free.